Sunday, 21 February 2010

Giclee Canvas Prints

The term - Giclée is a word used to describe the process of making canvas art prints from a digital means, it is always using ink-jet printing processes. Canvas Prints Online are experts in the giclee canvas prints process.

Giclée is is a word that is derived from the French language. The word "le gicleur" which means "nozzle". Canvas Prints Online offer giclee canvas prints at unbeatable prices!

Giclee canvas prints - how the term was invented

The word wa coined in the early nineties by Jack Duganne, who was a print maker that worked in the giclee canvas prints industry. His new term was used to represent any inkjet-based digital print which is used as fine art. Canvas Prints Online have also been in the industry since then and we know all of the complexities that are involved with giclee canvas printing.

How to use giclee canvas prints in todays digital age

Canvas Prints Online, along with many other canvas printing companies are making good use of the giclee canvas printing process. It is through this method of printing, that was are able to accurately reproduce digital images as canvas prints.

In recent years, the giclee printing process has been used as a fine art term, it is now associated with canvas prints that use fade resistant 'archivsl' inks, solvent inks.

The printers that produce giclee prints use the CMYK colour printing process and have numerous cartridges to allow for various textures and finishes such as cotton canvas, watercolour, matte and photo paper.

Canvas Prints Online have used this technology for many many years and if you are interested in creating art from your digital images then come to use to get your perfect canvas prints

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